Coming Soon To SoPoCo.Net

SoPoCo.Net is all about commentary.

Not enough of us are talking about the things we should be talking about. This site will become a forum for it.

I wanted to give you a quick preview of what will be making it’s way to the pages of

Literally covering it from all angles, you can look forward to different perspectives on hot button topics.

Just about all the topics that impact our lives tend to fall under the umberalla of Social or Political. In a way even these two are linked together under Social. Everything in our Society that impacts us – is worth having some discussion about.

You can expect several comments on Gay Marriage, War, Upcoming Elections, the Influence of Money …

You can even expect to read about Sports, Entertainment, and how it impacts us all from day to day.

You can look forward to reviews, and commentary on Books, Art, and even Family life.

This is not a ‘news site’ – however the ongoing news of the day will be covered, and discussed, and we have an awesome line up of writers to bring you different perspectives, opinions and viewpoints, on it all.

You can also stay tuned for PodCasts from our authors, and much more – as our ‘place on the internet’ grows and expands.

Stay tuned, much more is coming soon, to