butterfly effect and reparations - a debt owed

Reparations on Revolt TV with Tariq Nasheed, Killer Mike, Tezln Fiago

Reparations was discussed at the Revolt Summit in Atlanta, GA in September 2022.  What I have seen from the panel, hosted by Van Lathan, has been engaging!

I can’t wait for Revolt TV to release the FULL Panel on Reparations with Killer Mike, Tezln Figaro, Rizza Islam and Tariq Nasheed. These clips are not enough!

When the FULL clip is dropped I’ll add it here —

Love the Legal angle too: the breakdown from Kamilah Moore, that reparations according to International law, is 5 parts. Compensation is just one of them.

The other day, a video went viral about how a building on the Grounds that Alabama University sits on. It was Stolen from black people; similar to how Bruces Beach was stolen from black people out in Cali. I’m so familiar with that story.

On my Mother’s side, the land that Clemson University sits on, Belonged to MY Family.  They (white folks) stole that from us too. Folks love to argue with black people that, none of us alive today were slaves; as if this claim for reparations is ‘just’ about slavery. It Includes all the LAND we lost; after slavery. All of the wages, the income, the economic advantages taken away from GENERATIONS of black people …

PNB would be alive today if America had done right by black people but we not ready to have that conversation.

A father and son wouldn’t feel the need to go ROB a dude of his chains, if they could afford chains of their own; in fact, IF we had the money we were supposed to have already, PNB wouldn’t be flauntin Chains; prolly wouldn’t even want Chains … that money would’ve been in Crypto ….

The family that threw their lives away would be on a vacation instead of where they were at; cause yea, the RESULTS of what America has done, to black people, has a lot of black people making poor decisions and bad choices – the ‘butterfly effect’ isn’t just a movie; it’s a scientific theory, that has been proven.

butterfly effect and reparations - a debt owed

ONE small change, would have rippled through time and put us all in a much better place…..

A few more clips on Reparations panel from the Revolt Summit – (via twitter)

There was also unfortunately, some ‘drama’.  To me, it looks like cointelpro energy which, as black people, we always need to be aware of. Some independent groups around the nation held what they called ‘pull ups’ – and got upset that Tariq did not shout them out while they were doing as much.  This turned out to be untrue, as both Tariq and Tezln showed those organizers love. But also, everyone cannot be everywhere, at the same time. I felt the attacks on him, were to create ‘division’ in a Reparations movement that has seen a ton of infighting over the last few years.

More from this ‘sit down’, that followed the panel – with Tariq Nasheed and Tezln Fiago – as she speaks about the role Celebrities can play in this.  Shout outs to Diddy, Killer Mike and others, for allowing these messages on their platforms, to reach more people.

As Tezln points out, the best thing they can do is make space for others to speak. One thing Kanye West proved when he ventured into the political space, is he wasn’t ready for it. Celebrities are often made to believe they can push anything.  Not all of them are called for everything. Everyone, has a role to play.

Everybody has a role