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  • angela rye defends black women at workAngela Rye Defends Black Women At Work On Tom Lemon’s Show
    Angela Rye defends April Ryan, and as she points out, it’s a damn shame she even has to!  I follow Angela Rye on Instagram and caught the screen shot. I could not wait to find this clip! Maxine’s Angels reporting for duty. #TeamMaxine […]
  • Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Expression
    I was browsing my facebook feed, does anyone still do that? I came across a photo that was rather timely – Gonna share it with you all here, and of course, share my thoughts as well. Right? This is one of the main reasons that this website was […]
  • White People End RacismWhite People Are The Only Ones That Can End Racism
    That is a quote from none other than Randi Rhodes, from her show today on the Premier Networks. Today I was reminded again of why I love Randi Rhodes so much. She’s been one of the few consistent voices of reason both during the Bush years and […]
  • Are White People and Black People Related?
    I Love the video I am about to share with you, which discusses whether or not White people and black people are related. It features Dr. Booker T. Coleman being interviewed on a New York Street – through a channel on YouTube that I’m […]
  • Game Of Thrones Review The Hound Fights Fire
    Season 3 of Game of Thrones is well underway with Episode #5 “Kissed by Fire” – starting off with perhaps one of the best one on one fight scenes we’ve seen in the entire Series so far! The Hound, of House Clegane who has a […]
  • Black People Must Do More.
    Meanwhile … this message. I know that I’ve stated here that White people must do more to help end Racism. However … Black people also Must do More. That’s not news. Bill Cosby started saying it a few years back and caught […]
  • Review: Wars To Come in Game of Thrones
    Our Review for the Game of Thrones; Season 5; Episode 1; SUPER good; but probably not for the ‘casual fan’ who doesn’t realize that there were 4 previous seasons; for everything we saw last night to be in Context; SPOILER WARNINGS […]