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  • Anyone Following The Eric Sheppard Story?
    Any of my people’s following my the #EricSheppard story? Got a real good video that I just came across;  — https://youtu.be/pSQmGAmapmg https://twitter.com/jbcday/status/595538088669147138 Does the American Flag symbolize White […]
  • still work to do; still bamboozledStill Work To Do: Till Black People Wake All The Way Up –
    Still work to do: I had something to say today on my facebook. I figured I’d share these thoughts with you as well. In response to so many of the recent controversies over the past year to 3 years. Most recently is the ‘story’ […]
  • What’s Coming To America Now?
    Growing up one of my favorite films was Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. It was a comical take on growing up with wealth and having your entire life planned out for you. Even the person you were set to marry was chosen for you and prepared their […]
  • Black Wedding Game of ThronesBran’s Flashback To The Black Wedding on Game Of Thrones
    On last night’s 3rd Episode of Game of Thrones, now in it’s 7th Season, Bran shares his thoughts on the Black Wedding. Spoilers abound for anyone who’s not all the way caught up on their Game of Thrones, which has had some pretty […]
  • Green Party Candidates Options or Opposition?Green Party In Red vs. Blue Reality
    Does the Green Party exist to take votes away from the democratic party?  It’s #ChessNotCheckers out here; Politics isn’t pretty; it’s not what we ‘hope’ for it to be. it is, what it is.Democrat, republican, two wings […]
  • D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives
    D.L. Hughley Returns to Real Time To Discuss Black Lives It was refreshing to see D.L. Hughley make a return to Bill Maher’s Real Time this past Friday, on HBO. Here’s a clip from that show which I feel is quite possibly Some of the best […]
  • Fox Digs Up Old OJ Simpson “Confession” Tape
    File this away in the ‘since everyone else is talking about OJ Simpson I will too’ folder.  Fox decided to Dig up an Old OJ Simpson ‘Confession’ Tape, and twitter went wild. The hashtag #DidOjConfess is full of all sorts of […]