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  • celebrity worshiping goes wrong for black peopleCelebrity Worshiping: Nick Cannon Drops Jewels Kanye Drops Off
    Nick Cannon drops even more jewels in an interview on VladTV. It ties into a discussion on Celebrity Worshiping that I want to have, again, with all of you. The first time I dove into this topic that you may recall, was about a year ago. It had to […]
  • What About Social Security? Should African Americans Wait On SSI Benefits
    The truth about Social Security, primarily there exist many misconceptions and myths about the benefits. Quite frankly, I myself would not encourage anyone to remain in the old paradigm of working 40 hours a week retiring on 40% of that income after […]
  • angela rye defends black women at workAngela Rye Defends Black Women At Work On Tom Lemon’s Show
    Angela Rye defends April Ryan, and as she points out, it’s a damn shame she even has to!  I follow Angela Rye on Instagram and caught the screen shot. I could not wait to find this clip! Maxine’s Angels reporting for duty. #TeamMaxine […]
  • dr. umar johnson and Roland MartinDid Roland Martin Ambush Dr. Umar Johnson on TVOne
    Dr. Umar Johnson is one of the more controversial figures within what is often referenced to as the conscious community.   Some of his views and opinions come off a little strong, and are often the cause of debate within the black community as a […]
  • O.J. Simpson from his 1995 TrialThe Perceived Infamy of O.J. Simpson Vs. The Media
    It’s no secret that O.J. Simpson has been a hot button topic in our society for the past 20 years. Most of that has been entirely created by The media, from the very beginning of the ‘trial of the century’ as they called it. After […]
  • The mother of Kenneka Jenkins with LawyersOutrageous Kenneka Jenkins Reactions To Video Surveillance Let’s Me Down
    The following is My response to the ongoing ‘conspiracies’ surrounding the apparent, accidental death of Kenneka Jenkins. smh – we are really making ourselves look bad right now; Please – My people; Let us stop with this […]
  • When White People Stopped Liking Barack Obama
    To me this was the moment when white people stopped being a fan of Barack Obama. When he stepped to a podium at a press conference to speak on what happened to Professor Henry Louis Gates.  President Barack Obama was addressing issues that America […]