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  • The Mind Of KingC – Thoughts on a Monday Morning
    Game of Thrones was off the chain … It really got interesting tonight as Tywin Lannister “the Hand” showed the Queen of Thorns who the Boss Really is … meanwhile his Son, who lost his Hand, got one more reminder about popping […]
  • Rachel Jeantel Takes The Stand in The Zimmerman Trial Saying Trayvon Was Followed
    This should be an Open and Shut Case. However in America we have Justice – right? Let’s just put it this way… the more money you have the more time you can Buy yourself… Literally speaking. Many people waited several months […]
  • fear of black men is costlyFear of Black Men: Lavar Ball to Terrence Crutcher
    The Fear of Black Men is real in this country, in spite of overwhelming evidence that this fear is irrational. In the same week, this fear of black men was once again front and center in two sepaarate cases. You have Lavar Ball and Terrence […]
  • Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Expression
    I was browsing my facebook feed, does anyone still do that? I came across a photo that was rather timely – Gonna share it with you all here, and of course, share my thoughts as well. Right? This is one of the main reasons that this website was […]
  • Disclosure Project Steven GreerThere Are LIVE ET’s On Earth – Official Disclosure
    Since I know how crazy this is going to sound in a society full of people who have been Told that UFO’s are not real, and neither are Aliens… let me just lead off with the Video. https://youtu.be/2JQqMQs-kP0   YEP […]
  • policing blacks vs policing whitesPolicing Blacks Versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America
    Out the gate I ant to apologize for the long title of this one: Policing Blacks versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America. It’s important to make sure we draw the connection early in this one so you understand the points I am […]
  • Why All The Katy Perry Outrage Yesterday?
    Yesterday, or … Last Night, there was a Tribute to the Beatles – and apparently, some Controversy and Outrage over the way Katy Perry chose to sing one of their famous songs – Yesterday. Here is Katy’s performance of the […]