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  • Police are Committing Treason On Black People
    Police are Committing Treason on Black People: Did you know that a Supreme Court Judge ruled in the case Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983) that a police officer could not arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification? The […]
  • so much we don't understand - SaturnSo Much We Still Do Not Understand
    There is So much we still do not understand about the world we are living in. By far, the most popular article on our site to date, is Blacks Are The First True Americans: Hidden Lies In History – You can’t go back to Africa. It’s […]
  • House of Undying Vision from Season 2 game of thronesDo House of Undying Visions Mean Anything? Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones’ Seasons 7 and 8 approach and are the ending of this series. So now is a great time to revisit the House of Undying Visions that Daenerys has back in Season 2. Check out a very detailed recap that also goes into the visions In […]
  • Jason Collins Comes Out The Proverbial Closet His Aunt Already Knew
    The Gay conversation has become an ongoing aspect of our society hasn’t it? I realize that whenever it is suggested that the media has an agenda to push and promote homosexuality, that suggestion is often met with ferocious opposition. Anyone […]
  • Finding Truth: Intelligence and Wisdom
    Finding truth. Do you simply accept with others tell you to be factual or do you research what you’re told? I research and listen to several points of view. Not always do these points of view agree and often times that’s how I find […]
  • Lauryn Hill Returns With Neurotic Society
    Lauryn Hill reminds you and everyone else that she is still one of the Best MC’s to ever do it. L-boogie is so nice with it, she got bored and started singing instead of hitting us with Bars —– SO glad to hear THIS track which […]
  • Modern Racism Paula DeanModern Racism: George Zimmerman, Paula Dean and The Voting Rights Act
    (Modern Racism:) Can this all be happening at the same time? Bodisativa recently said it’s a new sun cycle – we should expect nothing less. The same week that Paula Dean gets to watch her global brand unravel, the George Zimmerman Trial […]