Too Few Knew - Full Speech by Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory Too Few Knew You Kill Where You Live

Saw this a few weeks ago and think it’s worth passing along. Dick Gregory giving a talk entitled, “Too Few Knew”- Take the time to watch it all.

(The original video was taken down, but this article has been updated 4/18/2017) – in this awesome speech, Dick Gregory discusses some very powerful things that I would agree with personally. You and I have the power to change things. Most of us are just too busy tweeting silly shit out to the social media verse, and playing mind numbing games on Facebook. Seriously, there is too much to do, for me to spend a moment on Candy Crush.

This view is often met with “awww, c’mon King C – everyone needs a Break from time to time!” — and Yea, I’d agree with that.

But too many of you are on break, too often.

There is WORK TO DO!

So to the points made int his video – “Too Few Knew, You Kill Where You Live”.

“How SILLY is it for you to work your ass off for an entire year; and then turn around and say a White man bought you these toys!” – Dick Gregory

You Kill where You Live, Dick Gregory

Speaking to a crowd that is clearly mostly black – he points out one of several methods that are used to keep black people feeling inferior to whites; and even re-enforces ideas of White supremacy.

What he’s talking about, in a nutshell, is that there are things the Black Community Knows – about this White society, that has been hidden from white people. Including the rumors that Abraham Lincoln was black; but also possibly gay – Something more recent that I can speak on, is the hilarious shock white people expressed over learning from Edward Snowden, that through the NSA – they are spying on us all. As a black man, this did not shock me; as I’ve seen the history of this nation; and all the evil it has done.

It’s not allowed in America to say that; it’s no longer P.C. –

We can think of all the trouble the Dixie chicks got into for objecting to the idea that we should go to War with a nation of people, without enough evidence to really know who caused 9/11 to happen.  Thankfully our Political climate has calmed to allow our Freedom of Speech rights to remain intact – so let me say this, while I can.

White people have the MOST say in what is happening; and together we can all stop it – but the key is, we have to come together. The views and ideas that keep us apart, must be thrown in the garbage where they belong; because the old strategy of “Divide and Conquer” has been carried out on us all; United we’ll stand; Divided, we will continue to fall.

More from Dick Gregory’s Speech on “Too Few Knew”

“You (the people) have the power to change everything in your hands.  You don’t have to wait on the power structure. We do not live in a community. A community is where you control your own press, you control your money (banking & Finance), you control the cops. We don’t control Any of that. We live in a Hood, and if you think about what that means, a hood is used to Hide something” – Dick Gregory.

You Kill Where you Live. The press and media will fail to explain this to the people watching. Companies like Fox News will purposely cater to a base of racists who want to hear something other than this truth. You Kill Where You Live. The reason black people, kill other black people is because, you kill where you live! It’s not rocket science or something that is too hard to figure out.

This White society has done So much to us (read about Mental Health Issues In The Black Community)

This article was originally written in 2013, and so many of these ongoing problems are still unaddressed. Many black people are still doing the things, that are keeping us where we are. Yes, there are forces that work against black people, but black people still have to work against those forces. “Information is Power. If they give you bad information, you got bad power.” – Dick Gregory

He asks the crowd, ‘How dumb would it be for the Jewish Community to tell their kids that Hitler bought them their toys.’ – when he was responsible for so much harm. Meanwhile, black people are often, still praising the same people who’ve harmed us for centuries and kept us From controlling our OWN communities. This society has kept us from being able to properly heal.

The Press and the Police are actually not our friends – they know stuff, they are keeping it from us – and what they do give us; KEEPS us from uniting.

Including the mythical conversation around black on black crime – Dick Gregory sets us all straight – “you kill where you live!”

Then consider how the Evening news portrays blacks; Think about how the police treat blacks – Think about the real, special privileges that other racial groups get, which blacks do not; So much is happening all the time; and WE CAN DO Something about it; If we CHOOSE to do something.

Think it over – then, consider the Evidence, which I’ll tie in – coming from Chris Hayes show on MSNBC – All In; Evidence of how Real Life Conspiracy Meetings are taking place; and thankfully this time someone from the Media didn’t remain Silent; watch the videos Below!

Inside a Wall Street secret society – “The Backrooms”

(video was removed by MSNBC)

Gonna just refer you the Definition of “Conspiracy” – you tell me what’s happening here … keep watching.

Are we living in a new ‘Gilded Age’? (featuring Kevin Roose, author of Young Money)

(video was removed by MSNBC)

They have it all planned out. They bring people in, and put them in precarious positions, to keep them from speaking out later on. So many of the people on the ‘inside’ are already trapped by it; and are just not the ones to DO anything to help the rest of us out; It’s ultimately up to us; But let’s look at a closer idea of what we are facing ….

The perceived problems of the 1% – (Billionaires in Politics)

(video was removed by MSNBC)

They have entire ‘networks’ working against you and I – we must build our own networks, and fight back.

Highly recommended, Pick up Young Money – by Kevin Roose to learn more.

Leave your Comments and Commentary on everything you’ve just read, and watched – below!

(the conversation on the rich and powerful was included, to help us all fully understand how this picture is purposely misrepresented. There are people working to remain in power, and pass their wealth down to the next generation. Violence is an American problem, not a black problem. This society has us positioned, to where so many folks are not learning how to deal with the issues they are facing. You Kill Where you Live. You throw tantrums and harm who and what is around you in your immediate environment.