Diving Into All Angles Of Conversation

  • Sean Spicer and Holocaust commentarySean Spicer Calls Death Camps Holocaust Centers
    This actually happened today folks. Sean Spicer, who has been full of gaffes at the mic, did it again today. This ‘may’ have topped all of his efforts so far. “He brought them into, the Holocaust Center”. I mean, this guy is […]
  • Black Avengers AssembleThe Black Avengers Assemble: Tariq, Prof. Black Truth, TBA
    This was quite possibly one of the blackest conversations to take place in 2019. I am thankful my ears were blessed by it. Someone in the comment said, ‘The Black Avengers Assemble”. That’s what this was like, when Tariq Nasheed […]
  • Markeis McGlockton dies over Stand Your Ground LawMarkeis McGlockton Was His Name (Not A Man Shot In Florida)
    It is no secret that mainstream media coverage of race relations has been poor. Recently, Markeis McGlockton, a father and protector got into a short scuffle in a parking lot. A deranged and evil white man started a fight with his girlfriend.  With […]
  • Hispanics Taking Jobs starts with ManagementAre Hispanics Taking Jobs From Blacks In Los Angeles?
    This is going to be a hotly debated conversation folks. Hold on tightly. Let’s discuss this together. Are Hispanics taking jobs from Blacks in Los Angeles? Not sure where you are as you read this but, this is a topic that’s been raging […]
  • Researching The Gay Agenda – Is it a reality or a myth?
    Asking the right questions is where it always begins. The keyword here is research. The one thing I know about the American people is, we are too lazy to do our research. I can remember the days before the internet being so accessible to everyone. I […]
  • Is User Privacy Just A Facebook Responsibility? (Mark Zuckerberg On Trial)
    Is User Privacy really entirely the responsibility of the platform or the user of the platform? This is the real question at the heart of this hearing that took place today, where Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook testified before […]
  • Black Women’s Death In Dallas Butt-injection Case Ruled a Homicide
    A sad day for the family of a young woman named Wykesha Reid, evidence conducted from an ongoing investigation lead to her death from butt-injections. The suspect being charged with the Homicide of Mykesha are Jimmy Clarke and Denise Rochelle. The […]